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The Importance Of Aeration

Like us, fish require oxygen to live, it's a simple fact, and in the wild or natural ponds it's the plants that can be found growing at the sides that provide this to the water.

However, without plants in a pond there are only a few ways in which to increase the amount of oxygen present

The most effective method for introducing oxygen is via an Air pump and Diffuser.

The diffuser sits on the bottom of the pond and has the air pumped to it by the air pump.This air doesn't directly add oxygen to the water but  creates thousands of tiny bubbles that rise to the surface where they break.

It is this breaking of the bubbles on the pond surface that  helps to add oxygen to the water.

Aerating your pond is not as important in cooler weather ,as colder water is rich in dissolved oxygen and the fish are not as demanding   due to less activity at lower temperatures.

When the sun is out  and the water temperature is steadily rising, adding oxygen is vital.

Our experience of the amount  of air required is about 20 lpm for every 1000 gallons

We stock a range of air pumps suitable for all ponds including models from the following manufacturers:

Airtech, Blagdon,Hi-Blow,Secoh,Superfish and Medo