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EcoMax O PLUS Pond Pumps

SKU: EcoMax O PLUS Pond Pumps

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PP-6340 EcoMax O PLUS-3500

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PP-6342 EcoMax O PLUS-5000

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PP-6344 EcoMax O PLUS-6500

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PP-6346 EcoMax O PLUS-8000

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PP-6348 EcoMax O PLUS-10000

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PP-6350 EcoMax O PLUS-13000

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PP-6352 EcoMax O PLUS-15000

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PP-6354 EcoMax O PLUS-18000

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PP-6356 EcoMax O PLUS-20000

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EcoMax O PLUS Pond Pumps

EcoMax O PLUS Series Pond Pumps

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ECO Max O Plus Pond Pump - Submersible Pump

Ecomax O-Plus Series pond filter pumps are very energy efficient and innovative electronics!

Aqua Forte Ecomax pond pumpsare Virtually silent. No copper parts and equipped with a wear-resistant ceramic shaft.

The pump switches off automatically when there is no water in the rotor. By blockage of the impeller, the pump will turn into a "lock" position allowing no power and wait until the blockage is cleared, this prevents the motor from burning.

Reasonably priced dirty water pumps suitable for water gardens, waterfalls, fountains, filters, you name it.

The Ecomax Plus Series filter pumps are designed for placement on the bottom of the natural pond or koi pond.

Both the suction and the exhaust side are standard hose nozzle so you can go easy on the hose of the desired diameter. Dirt particles are pumped up to 6mm.

2 Year Guarantee


ModelLphWatts  Max Head    Inlet    Outlet  
3500     3500      25 3.0m 1¼" 1¼"
5000 5000 40 3.5m 1¼" 1¼"
6500 6500 50 4.0m 1¼" 1¼"
8000 8000 70 4.5m 1¼" 1¼"
10000 10000 85 5.0m 1¼" 1¼"
13000 13000 110 5.5m 2" 2"
15000 15000 135 6.0m 2" 2"
18000 17500 170 6.5m 2" 2"
     20000      19000     200     7.0m 2" 2"

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