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Blue Orfe 4-5" (10-13cm)

SKU: Blue Orfe 4-5" (10-13cm)

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CW-170401 Blue Orfe 4-5in (10-13cm) Each

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CW-170403 Blue Orfe 4-5in (10-13cm) x3

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CW-170405 Blue Orfe 4-5in (10-13cm) x5

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Blue Orfe 4-5" (10-13cm)

Blue Orfe 4-5" (10-13cm)

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Blue Orfe - Please Note: A Library Image has been used for this fish - Please Call For Availability - 01905 757800

Our Coldwater Fish are available for viewing and purchase at our Worcester Aquatic Centre, located in Davids Nurseries, Ash Lane, Martin Hussingtree, Worcester, WR3 8TB.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide a courier service for fish.  All fish purchased online must be collected by the buyer, from our Worcester Aquatic Centre, within 7 days.


Orfe need clean cool water with a good oxygen content. It is much more fussy about water quality than the goldfish and carp, and may need extra aeration during hot weather. It needs a lot of space, is very active and grows large. A large pond is also less likely to overheat in the summer.

As the orfe is a shoaling fish, it needs to be kept in a group of at least three.

It has a habit of jumping out of the water. This happens more when the water quality is poor, but can happen at any time. If orfe are kept in a tank or raised pond, it must be covered to stop them from jumping out.

It will eat small fish that fit in its mouth, and it has a surprisingly large mouth. It can choke on spiny fish such as sticklebacks and small catfish.

The orfe can be sensitive to medications and chemical treatments, so if you are using any treatments in your pond, make sure they are suitable for use with orfe.

A common disorder among orfe is bending of the spine. The fish may become 'banana-shaped' or develop kinks in its body, usually near the tail. This condition usually happens suddenly to a previously healthy fish and can be caused by some medications, some garden chemicals, rough handling or thunderstorms. It is not treatable, but the fish can sometimes lead a fairly normal life if it is not too deformed.

Water quality is the main key to keeping all fish and regular checks of your 3 pond water parameters, Ammonia, Nitrite and pH, are therefore very important.

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